Pond Creation 2

In only a matter of months the wildlife is colonising the ponds, diving Beetles, Pond Skaters, Water Boatmen, Broad Bodied Chaser, Mosquito Larvae, Southern Hawkers. This area will provide a valuable food source for the Bats and birds that visit, to give you an idea the small Pipistrelle Bat can consume up to three thousand insects per night, and this Bat can fit into a matchbox!

Although we have added Frogbit, Ragged Robin, a Lily and some Water Crowfoot we will leave nature to do the rest and let it populate naturally. We have seen frogs and toads nearby so we are hoping they will look to spawn this winter.

As the rains come from November onwards we will add a bit more clay to the top pond as it does seep away slowly. You will see from the pictures how we’ll it has established already, with the lily flowering it’s starting to look great.

August saw 4.25 inches of rain in our woodland but only in the first two weeks or so, this topped the ponds up lovely as generally it has been a dry summer again.

The Sweet Chestnut branches/makeshift fencing around the two lower ponds are to deter the Roe Deer from entering in there as they could puncture the liners, we used the produce from our coppicing earlier in the year. Sweet Chestnut is particularly good for posts, stakes, fencing etc due to its high amount of tanins, this means it can stay in the ground for a number of years without rotting.